Buy Band Pre-Made Backing Tracks for Ableton Live Lite, Intro and Suite

Ready-to-go Live Band Backing Tracks and Templates!

From do it your self Templates to fully ready set

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You Can buy your own backing tracks here and do it your self: CLICK HERE


Don’t  want to do the work your self?  NO PROBLEM!

We will create an Ableton Live Set ready to use immediately for your next live performance.

We purchase our tacks From the best Live band Backing Tracks/stems site on the web, Recorded with real bands, not midi and great singers

Then we:

  1. download every track individually IE Drums, Persecution, Keys, ECT
  2. put them in Ableton 9.5
  3. Line them up on the grid to the right BPM
  4. Add a 8 count in, so the drummer can have 4 and he can count off 4 for the band
  5. Consolidate every track to line up perfectly to the grid and click
  6. move all 8 tracks back to clip mode with the Name, BPM and time signature, ready for your live performance.

This set is made to use with Ableton 9.5 or higher:

all sets come with your choice of songs, set up and ready to go – includes all the backing tracks, click track for the drummer and even backup vocals.

***NOTE: this price is for songs we can currently have from our Library provider – If there is a track that you have to have that is not in my Library we can program that track from scratch for an additional fee.

We have over 28,000 songs in our Library from pre-50’s through today’s current hits, just email me the list of your 14 songs and I will let you know of any we do not have.

42 songs

 3 full sets of pre made sets

42 songs

your choice

over 40,000 song


14 songs

 1 full set of pre made sets

14 song

your choice

over 40,000 song


5 songs

starter set of pre made sets

5 Songs

your choice

over 40,000 song


Sample backing tracks so you can hear the quality:

Track Layout:

  1. ClickReady to go Live band Backing Tracks
  2. Drums
  3. Percussion
  4. Bass
  5. Keyboards
  6. Guitar
  7. Backing Vocals
  8. Lead Vocals


We can do an even more customized set to fit your needs as well, for an additional cost.  Just ask :).

We do not include Ableton Live software or Laptop/Mac/PC or a soundcard.  You have to have those on your own.  Suggestion:  you can get something like the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6that comes with LIVE LITE for $249 NEW or purchase something like a USED PRESONUS FIRESTUDIO MOBILE  That doesn’t come with Live Lite though.


Live Band Custom Backing Tracks

Click photo to make bigger!

Take a look at the number of custom tracks we have.  There are too many to list, so for now just email your list of 14 songs per set that you desire and we will let you know if we have them or not.  If it’s a popular hit, the odds are that we have it 🙂


  • Could take up to 4 days per set.
  • All sets will be delivered in a zip file using Sendspace or Dropbox.
  • If you are in the Las Vegas area and need help with setup we can do that for $100 for up to 3hrs.
  • For more videos on HOW TO and HELPs CLICK HERE
  • Ask about getting 4 sets for only $777  that’s 4 sets for the price of 3 for a total of 56 songs!
  •  Using Ableton, you can pitch the songs up or down to fit the vocal. There will be videos on the “how to page” showing you how to do just that.  Or we can do it for you as an add-on cost.
  • All payments to be made using paypal or money order.

Contact me now to get started!

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